You find yourself looking up the tour dates for your favourite up-and-coming pop star, when you stumble across a disturbing conspiracy theory about their sudden fame and success. You can’t shake the feeling that this theory has some truth in it and, while digging deeper, you fall into a rabbit hole of lies and deceit that you discover spread out across a variety of different websites and digital spaces. Submerged into this alternate reality, you’ll have to put the pieces together, and make the right decisions, in order to try and make the world a better place on the other side of it all.

All The King’s Men is an interactive immersive online experience about political corruption, the allure of fame, and personal accountability where the audience’s decisions make all the difference. Will you seize the opportunity to make the world a better place, no matter the cost?

Reviews for All The Kings Men

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    John Chapman
    January 22, 2022
    "An online immersive event which challenges in its use of technology"
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