Adapted from the play and filmed using digital media & sound EFX “Neechie-Itas” is part of the trend of Digi-theare.

Jilted bride Spencer marks each year of the would-be wedding date shut in her apartment, eating junk food, and binge-watching period piece movies wearing her $5000 Vera Wang wedding dress.

Her Neechies Carm, Linda and Maggie life-long friends convince Spencer to join them for a weekend of nightlife and dancing to mend her broken heart.

Instead, chaos ensues when Spencer’s ex-fiance appears at the dance club. The Neechies land in jail for questioning for attempted murder. But, they have credible intel on who Lewis Longclaws really is and bamboozle police weaving hilarious stories. In the end, Louis gets whats coming to him.

Jo MacDonald writes Indigenous comedy gold to challenge the stereotypes of Indigenous women and explores the power of Indigenous sisterhood.

Reviews for NEECHIE-ITAS

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