Returning to The Living Record Festival, Nod At The Fox are presenting two new pieces of work.


Tiffany can’t sleep, join her on a quest to answer why… Tiffany is twisting and turning and her mind won’t stop whirring. She knows there must be a PEA hidden underneath her bed!

As Tiffany adventures down through worlds of mattresses and mysteries, she meets the restless bed folk: the bumbling Shepherd and his herd of ‘counting’ sheep, the thieving Bed-Bugs, and of course, the wise old Memory Foam…

None of them dare to venture to the bottom of the bed, but that won’t stop Tiffany. The roaring doesn’t scare her.

Join Tiffany on her quest to find the PEA and get a good night’s sleep. But what is really keeping her awake? All the stories tell us that stepmothers are evil. Maybe the fairy tales are wrong…

A Spare Seat

A spare seat in a jazzy café…

Could this be the start of something?

A new short puppetry film by Nod At The Fox.

“Beautiful, witty and charming. I absolutely loved it!” – Audience response

Reviews for Nod At The Fox: PEA

1 Review
  • Ione Vaughan
    April 11, 2022
    An utterly unexpected gem. A real testament to the possibilities and charm of puppetry. Full of witty, self-aware writing and cracking concepts that had 3 grown adults laughing along with a fairytale.
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