An astonishing music video sequence in which three chambermaids – airing their private grievances – chart the narrative arc of Sigmund Freud’s 1930 essay, Civilization and its Discontents. Chanting or speaking lines, separately or in chorus, over the shifting rhythmic pattens of contemporary music for drum ensemble and lead instruments, this is a digital theatre sequence that becomes both universal and epic.

Taken from the play, Civilization and its Discontents: 11 Movements for Theatre, by writer/theatremaker Mark C. Hewitt, with music by renowned Norwegian sampling percussionist Thomas Strønen, it is a work that is at once sexy, sophisticated and disturbing. Performed by actresses Marta Carvalho (Portugal), Leann O’Kasi (Ireland/Nigeria/UK) and Melissa Sirol (France) – with videographic interventions by film artist Matt Parsons.

Reviews for Songs of the Chambermaids

1 Review
  • Jet Moon
    January 28, 2022
    I enjoyed this. Found the performances slightly uneven. Sound design and integration of spoken/chanted text within this was hypnotic.
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